Chamomile Night Creme


Chamomile Night Crème is a formula that combines the soothing benefits of Blue Chamomile and Azulene to aid dry, delicate skin or environmentally stressed skin, leaving it feeling softer and smoother. Chamomile Night Crème soothes a rashy irritable skin regardless of skin type. Non-oily and fast absorbing. Use every other night as an alternative to your moisturizer or lubricant. Chamomile Night Crème can be used nightly whenever your skin is environmentally stressed (sun burn, wind burn, over-exposure to outdoor activity.) Dot Chamomile Night Crème over your face and neck. Blend gently. DO NOT RUB IN. This light weight cream absorbs on its own. (Avoid eye area.) When your skin is burned, use one drop of your Desensitizing Lotion either in or underneath the Chamomile Night Crème. All skins are environmentally stressed. If your skin is showing signs of this stress, be very faithful with the use of all Premiere Collections Cosmetic products designed to ease your skin’s irritation. 90% of skin deterioration can be attributed to environmental stress and lack of care. 10% is chronological.


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