Would you like your mirror to reflect an image that makes you feel wonderful and confident–so great you can totally forget about how you look and get on with the amazing life you want to live?











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Quintessential Style will help you discover how to:

  • Communicate without uttering a word
  • Remedy the two things that cause every woman to look older
  • Find new outfits in your closet
  • Become a visual shape-shifter to flatter your figure
  • Wear any color
  • Solve your fashion dilemmas using Sets of Accessories
  • Shop with confidence and purchase with conviction
  • Use “lifestyle skincare” to balance and maintain great skin

CHAPTER 1: Personal Packing: Explains the significance of image, impression criteria, and non-verbal communication

CHAPTER 2: Who Are You —TODAY? Readers are encouraged to take a closer look at themselves and their lifestyle with an opportunity to create “Personal Style Statement” which can help in every area of their decision-making.

CHAPTER 3: Humans Look Better in Color: The undeniable importance of incorporating color into a wardrobe.

CHAPTER 4: Line and Design The Art of Illusion: Asserts that simply being aware of your body shape can give you an edge to being well dressed. The elements of line and design are explained.

CHAPTER 5: Wardrobe ABCs: In order to have a well-engineered wardrobe, there are only three things you must know and do.

CHAPTER 6: Your Closet is a River: Our closets are intimate spaces-to be luxuriated in. But the sad fact is that many women’s closets are overloaded and clogged with outdated or unwearable clothing taking up valuable space and bogging down their lifestyles.

CHAPTER 7: Shopping…Creating Your Personal Collection: Why do so many women love to shop and others hate it. The goal is to help the reader learn to shop with confidence and purchase with conviction.

CHAPTER 8: LETS FACE IT; IT’s ALL About the SKINCARE: To recognize the importance of using a total skincare regimen, versus haphazard and /or inconsistent use of products.

CHAPTER 9: Make-Up Design: In this chapter, principles of light and shadow are discussed so the reader learns to accentuate the positive and camouflage the negative. Basic, practical cosmetic applications methods are presented as well as more advanced techniques designed to create a ‘mood’ for the face.

CHAPTER 10: Personal & Professional Polish: Discussion of current workplace cultures and dress codes, or the lack thereof. Topics include; appropriate clothing choices, workplace faux pas, personal hygiene, and manners

FINAL THOUGHTS: Taking everything you have learned about yourself into consideration, you can now more confidently recognize who you are TODAY and make those choices that bring you to your best. What you will gain is CONFIDENCE!



This Color Type Information booklet is a supplement to the material presented in Quintessential Style: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look.

In truth, anyone can wear any color in the spectrum, warm or cool, provided it is the correct shade and the correct clarity. Of course you can wear any colors you wish, but if you want to look your absolute best, doesn’t it make sense to learn which hues harmonize with, and enhance your natural coloring?

Personal style teamed with flattering colors always works in creating outfits that express your true essence and ultimately make you feel fabulous.

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