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Accessories that make your wardrobe work

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It’s You! That is the secret to the new accessory line, U~niques, created by Janna Beatty of U R Your Makeover Center. Every person has a personal style and individual essence. What are we really looking for when we shop? Items that express the facets of ourselves that we want share with the world.

Beatty has worked as an image consultant for more than three decades and is still learning each time she works with her amazingly individual clients. “The pieces I offer are not exceptional, when the exact match is made, meaning when someone puts on a piece that is, ’So Them!’, that is when the magic happens.” The piece seems to come to life and harmony is created that showcases the beauty and unique style of the wearer.

NecklaceBustFrequently I visit client’s closets and discover they own dynamic necklaces that are gorgeous but too heavy or showy to wear for very long ” Beatty says. U~niques are reasonably priced, comfortable, single strand necklaces that can be piled on and combined for a multitude of looks from simple to complex.

These are “accessories that make your wardrobe work” because they allow you to wear a variety of tops and bottoms from your wardrobe in new ways.

Visualize every single cake you have ever seen in your lifetime. For our analogy, you are cake. Your clothing is the fondant. And the accessories? They are the infinite possibilities of decoration. Accessories can totally transform the tone of an outfit.

Ultimately the ideal accessory showcases your natural attractiveness, allows you to communicate some characteristic of yourself and harmonizes or punctuates the clothing you are wearing

How to choose Accessories

Necessaries is what I prefer to call them. Just as there is appropriate clothing for each occasion in life, accessories reflect these same moods or styles. For example, an outfit you would wear to a birthday party for a child (whimsical/playful) would be different than an outfit you would wear if the honoree were your pastor (respectful/conservative) or the president of your singles club (alluring/sexy). What’s interesting is that the same clothing could be worn to all three events and look appropriate by simply changing your accessories to reflect the spirit of the words in parentheses.

What draws you to accessories?

Love at first sight: That’s beautiful. Or, that’s stunning. Or, I must have that!

In most cases if something is a must have, but is not visually flattering or your personal style it can be made to work. If you love it wear it in your best way. As illustration let’s say you are petite with delicate facial features and you own a huge chunky black necklace that seems to wear you when you put it on. It is the wrong scale. If you wear it on a background of the same color it will diminish the size adding more interest and texture than bulk.beads_10

A Black necklace appears smaller on a black background than on a light background. If an accessory is an uncomplimentary color for you, be certain to wear the correct makeup shades or an ideal colored top that lights up your face.

The best place to start when looking for accessories is to ask the question …”What looks like me?”

 If an accessory is very “you” – it will give you decades of wearing pleasure.

If the accessories go with you, and the clothing goes with you, the accessories will ultimately go with the clothing. You are the common denominator. When shopping for a specific occasion or area of your life expand the question to “what looks like blank me?” The blank could be work, leisure, social, beautiful, cute, elegant, sexy, fun loving, spicy, romantic, athletic, approachable, authoritative, sophisticated, creative, serious, etc.

You are the designer of your appearance.

Match and Mirror your physical traits.HairColorNecklace
Whether you are blonde or have black hair a necklace that seems to match that color will be endlessly effective for framing your face.
Earrings in your eye color draw attention to your eyes and compel people to not only notice your eyes more, but to engage with you more. Correctly colored earrings can even camouflage figure challenges by drawing attention toward the face.

Never forget the magic of color. Humans look enhanced by the correct colors, younger, more vibrant, energetic, serene, powerful, healthy and even happy. There is a visceral reaction to color by those who observe us. The psychology of color can also be harnessed and is a powerful communicator. For example red is an adrenal stimulus while blue calms. Wearing your most flattering shade of red earrings is a great way to enliven the face if you don’t want to wear lipstick. Plus, unlike lipstick, they don’t wear off as the day wears on.

You probably know which colors look best on you. That is your guide for accessory colors as well. Each person has a color harmony, that is why if you choose accessories that go with you and clothing that goes with you the clothing and accessories will naturally go together, because the unifying element is you. If you look good in bright red and bright blue and bright green then whether shopping for red shoes or for red earrings look at the bright red ones in your personal range. If softer more subdues colors flatter you more, look for natural stones and dyes in your subdued personal range. What’s the key to discovering which items are most enhancing?

Look at yourself in the mirror, not the pieces you are purchasing.

What do they do for you?

There are additional visual characteristics that go beyond simple scale and coloring. Are your features, delicate and fine, do you glow like the luster of a pearl? Or are you textured and freckled with a spikey random hairstyle in earthy shades like natural stone nuggets that are mined from the earth? Or perhaps you are a bold and bright person who makes a statement. Statement jewelry and accessories are definitely made for you.Brush

It is also important to consider the versatility of an item. How many different outfits can I make or compliment with this? Are you extremely physically active? Some accessories will just be a bother or slow you down so select items that feel anchored. And finally, don’t forget about comfort. Something that is too heavy around your neck or extreme on your feet will show up on your face.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the broad palette of choices. Just focus with delight on your personal style, coloring, scale and unique characteristics. Pretend you are an artist painting any image of you that communicates your personal intentions.

U R Your Makeover Center, where it is FUN to look your best!