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Wardrobe and Personal Style


Most people fall in love with their clothes after I visit their closets because we create new looks using what you own. We set objectives clarifying your lifestyle needs.

Discard, organize and make a priority list for purchases that will update and expand your wardrobe, and learn to avoid mistakes.

You will get very clear about your personal wardrobe solutions and have more to wear with fewer pieces. What a free feeling! Closet contents become your personal collection and a vocabulary for self expression.




You will be astonished how easy it is to select clothing that flatters your shape.

There are only four lines that every garment in the world is made up of.

During this session the objective is to learn to see. Mastering basic concepts empowers you to save time and money and increase comfort and confidence.


Personal ShoppingONLINE SHOPPING

Hire us to do the leg work for you, or accompany you to aid in decision making and fine tune your personal style.