Prevent loss of elasticity with Alphagen™ – Alphagen is a skin firming, cleansing mask. Elastin is a “springy” protein found in all skin tissue. It helps skin hold its shape. As it ages, fats deposit in its folds, and begin to attract minerals which harden it. Once rigid, these protein/fat/mineral deposits crumble from frequent bending, stretching or stress. Try as they might, skin cells are not able to reproduce enough new, springy elastin to replace what has been damaged, (particularly with our diets and lifestyle) so lines and wrinkles develop. Alphagen™, the first part of the Elogen System, contains a new discovery – an amino acid which has been proven to break down and remove the mineral deposits from in between the cells. This also works as a gentle exfollient which prepares the skin for the next step.


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Product Knowledge Recording: Elogen Age-Defying System